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Flawless' Residential Paving services include:


We own all equipment used during construction including: rollers, dump trucks and excavators. This allows us to cart away debris and deliver materials in the most efficient way possible. While other paving contractors use smaller equipment, Flawless uses large asphalt steam-rollers and heavy-duty power plate compactors. We employ a staff of skilled tradesman, equipment operators and laborers to make it easy for us to respond to your paving project efficiently.

We use top quality NYS approved asphalt and concrete on all paving renovations.

Using top quality material makes it easy for us to stand behind our work and guarantee a beautiful finished product. Servicing all of Long Island and Queens, we strive to provide local customers with an investment that saves money and increases property value.


Flawless Paving specializes in all aspects of masonry including brick-work, paving stones, poured concrete, retaining walls, patios, poolscapes, stoops, steps and full outdoor kitchens. Equipped with some of the best paving, excavation and masonry equipment and craftsmen, Flawless can plan, manage and complete your entire paving and masonry project. We deliver on time, and on budget, all while guaranteeing top quality finishes and safety.

With masonry projects, our architectural designers plan and produce blueprints and digital images for clients to review. Using computerized design software, customers can preview the full design prior to construction.


Flawless Paving specializes in drivewayseal coating, crack filling and line striping. Sealing your asphalt / blacktop is extremely important to protect against changing climate and weather conditions throughout Long Island and Queens. Seal coating also protects the asphalt surface from oil and fuel leaks and will also improve traction for drivers and pedestrians.

The quality and purity of the sealant is extremely important for durability and longevity. Flawless uses only the highest quality seal coating products. Other contractors may dilute sealer with water, or mix it with inferior products for a cheaper option. Flawless uses only Velvetop slurry mix blacktop sealer which is known throughout the industry as the highest quality sealer on the market. Our seal coating services are applied by hand using quality brushes for maximum coverage and protection to asphalt / blacktop.

Prior to sealing a parking lot or driveway it is important to fill all cracks to stop water from penetrating asphalt and expanding in the winter (which causes more damage to the paved area). Flawless seal coating uses all commercial-grade, hot application crack filling materials to best protect your parking lot or driveway.


Flawless Paving handles all drainage projects from large precast drywells to small trench drains and piping. Whether drywells are needed for a new driveway, or an existing water collection problem, Flawless Paving gets the job done.

When constructing a new driveway, pitch and water runoff are our biggest concern. Flawless will always assure the proper pitch needed to move water to the desired area and calculate the correct size drainage pools / drywells needed to assure fast and effective seepage. One of the most important factors for drainage is soil conditions. Soil conditions must be sandy bank run material to assure proper drainage. Flawless can test your soil conditions and offer your best options for drainage solutions. With the harsh Long Island water pooling, excess water and run off is an issue.

Flawless Paving is here to help correct drainage problems and apply proper solutions. Many property owners are not aware that after many years of run-off water and debris washing into drains, it causes a salty material that will clog holes and decrease seepage. Flawless can help maintain your drywells using a state-of-the-art Vac truck to clean your existing drainage system.

Flawless Paving also offers screen installation on your casting drains which are designed to catch unwanted debris, preventing it from entering the drain pipes. We use only quality concrete precast and all our work is guaranteed. We specialize in all areas of drainage systems including drywells, trench drains, downspouts and more.