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Flawless Paving handles all drainage projects from large precast drywells to small trench drains and piping. Whether drywells are needed for a new parking lot, or an existing water collection problem, Flawless Paving gets the job done.

When constructing a new parking lot or roadway, pitch and water runoff are our biggest concern. Flawless will always assure the proper pitch needed to move water to the desired area and calculate the correct size drainage pools / drywells needed to assure fast and effective seepage. One of the most important factors for drainage is soil conditions. Soil conditions must be sandy bank run material to assure proper drainage. Flawless can test your soil conditions and offer your best options for drainage solutions. With the harsh Long Island water pooling, excess water and run off is an issue. This could be a potential danger to pedestrians and vehicles, and can increase the property owner's Liability.

Flawless Paving is here to help correct drainage problems and apply proper solutions. Many property owners are not aware that after many years of run-off water and debris washing into drains, it causes a salty material that will clog holes and decrease seepage. Flawless can help maintain your drywells using a state-of-the-art Vac truck to clean your existing drainage system.

Flawless Paving also offers screen installation on your casting drains which are designed to catch unwanted debris, preventing it from entering the drain pipes. We use only quality concrete precast and all our work is guaranteed. We specialize in all areas of drainage systems including drywells, trench drains, downspouts and more!

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