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Does Flawless own or rent asphalt trucks and equipment?

Flawless owns all it's own trucks and equipment. We do not rent equipment. This ensures timely delivery of materials, as well as removal of debris. We use large asphalt steam rollers and heavy-duty power plate compactors.

Do you have financing options available?

Yes. Flawless Paving offers financing options. We also accept all major credit cards.

What is seal coating?

Sealcoating is not a repair to the pavement. It is a protective "paint" that extends the life of your asphalt / blacktop and gives it an updated appearance.

Do paving crews work in the rain?

Depending on how heavy the rain is, a steady downpour will prevent paving activities. It also depends on the paving surface. Paving on a firm, stable, well-draining crushed aggregate base might be ok, rather than a thin asphalt overlay. Raining or not, new pavement must be placed on a firm, unyielding base.

How long do I have to wait to drive on new asphalt / blacktop?

Typically, it's best to wait about four to five days before driving on new asphalt.

Why are there roller marks on the asphalt surface?

Roller marks are a normal result of newly paved blacktop / asphalt. These marks are temporary and will become less noticeable over time.

Can asphalt be paved on top of concrete?

In many cases, it's better to excavate the concrete and pave from the base up, but if the concrete has not deteriorated too much, it is a less expensive option that can be done.

Why is it best to pave during the warmer months?

Asphalt must remain hot in order to be properly compacted. Keeping the asphalt hot and achieving proper compaction is difficult in the colder months.