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Asphalt, Concrete

Expert Design & Installation

Flawless Paving masonry division specializes in all aspects of masonry including brick-work, paving stones, poured concrete, retaining walls, handicap ramps, steps, walkways and bollards (concrete and steel reinforced barriers to assure safety from vehicles in front of pedestrian walkways and buildings). From small concrete or brick repairs, to long concrete curbs, concrete sidewalks, paver walkways and aprons, Flawless can meet your needs. Equipped with some of the best paving, excavation and masonry equipment and craftsmen, Flawless can plan, manage and complete your entire paving and masonry project. We deliver on time, and on budget, all while guaranteeing top quality finishes and safety.

Digital Imaging

With masonry projects, our architectural designers plan and produce blueprints and digital images for clients to review. Using computerized design software, customers can preview the full design prior to construction.

Top Quality Materials

Unlike other masonry contractors, Flawless has the ability to update your building facade by re-pointing your brick or stone veneer, acid washing, repairing or replacing. Using only the highest quality concrete and masonry materials available, we keep your project looking new for many years to come.

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