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Experts in blacktop / asphalt, parking lots, driveways and masonry

Flawless Paving Company specializes in all aspects of paving renovation & maintenance for both commercial and residential properties. Our services range from parking lot paving and road-work, to driveways and seal coating. As a group of expert masons, we do outstanding work with brick / block, paving stones, structural and poured/finished concrete.

We fulfill projects of all sizes by covering every phase of paving and masonry development within one company. Whether it’s a small asphalt patch, parking lot pot-hole repair, or a new construction parking lot with drainage and/or curbing, we will meet all your project needs.


Flawless Masonry is licensed and insured in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, Queens and the five boroughs. We carry high-limit liability insurance of up to $2mm. In addition, we carry workman’s compensation insurance which covers any employee, should they become injured on the job. Copies of both certificates are provided at the time of estimate.

Asphalt & Concrete

Property owners should know the difference between “RCA” (Recycled Concrete Aggregate) and “R-mix-RCA”.

“R-mix-RCA” is a mix composed of dirt, clay, brick, asphalt and less than 50% concrete. This “mix” is a way for recycling plants to dispose of poor quality aggregates. “R-mix-RCA” is extremely low in cost and is prone to settling, buckling, water retention and unsightly weed growth between joints.

However, “RCA” is 95% concrete, and the preferred material used as a base beneath paving stones and bricks. State-approved RCA provides excellent drainage, compaction and resistance to settling. Flawless Paving installs only State-approved asphalt and RCA composed of at least 95% concrete.

Utility Mark-out

Utility mark-outs are completed prior to construction and installations to identify the location of all cable, electric, gas and sewage lines.

Owner Operated

Devin Faello, President & Owner of Flawless Paving, is closely involved on every project. From work with our designers to the installation staff, all phases of the project are closely monitored and evaluated to ensure outstanding quality.

Trucks & Equipment

Flawless Paving owns and operates it’s own trucks and equipment. This ensures proper treatment of streets and property, on or near the job-site. We remove, fill and deliver aggregate needed the same day. While most companies use smaller aggregate plate compactors, Flawless’ compactors are large asphalt steam-rollers and heavy-duty power plate compactors.


Flawless Masonry offers financing options. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards including American Express.