Backyard Memories & Life on Long Island

By Monica Bradford (Flawless Paving & Masonry)

Living on Long Island my whole life, I’ve always loved the change of seasons and variety of things to do and see. On one side, we have the natural beauty of the east end (beautiful beaches, amazing wineries, agriculture and more). And on the other side, one of the most exciting and advanced cities in the world – with plenty to enjoy in between!

Now that we’re at the end of winter, it’s a time of year when we really start to miss the warm summer weekends and all the outdoor livelihood that Long Island has to offer. But of all the beautiful and fun places on Long Island, the one I miss most… is my own backyard. We spend so much time in our yard - it’s the place we make the most memories. That’s why I love to design and create outdoor spaces for others too.

Long Island backyard

Here are 10 ideas to start planning for your own yard this summer. Enjoy it with friends and family!

  • Plant an herb or vegetable garden.
  • Make a bird-house with your kids.
  • Grill smores (if you don’t have a fire-pit, use the barbecue).
  • Make wishes on stars. Put your wishes in a box (keep in a safe place) and read the wishes again 5 or 6 years later.
  • Collect butterflies.
  • Cook, eat, drink and dine outside.
  • Play hop-scotch, jump rope and have a water-balloon fight.
  • Make a tire-swing.
  • Have a peanut hunt.
  • Have a hoola-hooping contest.

To learn more about how Flawless Paving & Masonry can help you get started on a beautiful outdoor living space, visit www.flawlessmasonry.com. We service all of Long Island and beyond (Nassau County, Suffolk County & Queens, NY).